Thursday, July 5, 2007

First Post At My Second "Home"

So I've spent a little over a year building, tweaking and updating The Sports Oasis. I love writing about sports, but there are other topics that I would like to cover as well. Instead of diluting the sports coverage at The Sports Oasis, I decided to just put together a new blog devoted to a variety of topics. Going along with the whole oasis theme it's titled "The Oasis", and I envision it as a way for the readers to escape from the everyday grind.

The Sports Oasis will continue to be updated on a regular basis(the recent lack of updates have been due to a nasty cold), as will this blog. Hopefully the two will compliment each other nicely and be the beginnings of a little "Oasis Network"(that's my vision right now at least).

Happy reading, and don't forget to check out The Sports Oasis for all of your sports related needs.

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